PoliticsMatt Gaetz comes out in defense of George Santos: "Embellishing the resume...

    Matt Gaetz comes out in defense of George Santos: “Embellishing the resume is not a crime”

    Republican George Santos has given a lot to talk about because of the many lies he fabricated about his past, his ancestry and work experience, to the point that he has been asked to leave office for having lied to Congress, a request that he is not willing to comply with. comply, at least that’s how he made it clear to his fellow party Matt Gaetz.

    In an interview during the podcast War Room of Steve Bannon, Gaetz told Santos that being not completely honest in one’s resume “is not a crime,” throwing aside all the accusations that have put the 34-year-old politician on the ropes for a few weeks.

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    I came here to serve the people, not the politicians, not the party leaders. and I’m going to do just that. And I’ve been doing exactly that for all of these first two weeks, whether it’s voting for the speaker or working on legislation in my office,” Santos told his interviewee. “So, you know, I wish the best, all your opinions, but I was elected by 142,000 people, until the same 142,000 people tell me they don’t love me… we’ll know in two years,” he added.

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    Gaetz asked Santos what does the 142,000 people who voted for him deserve and he replied “they deserve someone who comes here, who fights and who doesn’t get involved with the media nonsense that we are seeing.”

    The man who voted for Trump over McCarthy to speak reminded Santos that some people they don’t think he should be sitting in Congress for embellishing his resume “some have said you shouldn’t be sitting on committees for that. I would say if we didn’t sit people on committees that embellish their resumes as congressional candidates, we probably wouldn’t be able to get a quorum on any of those committees.”

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    And beyond judging him or asking why he did it, he tried to understand it “Embellishing one’s resume is not a crime. Frankly, it’s how a lot of people get into Congress. And we want everyone to be honest.”

    Source: La Opinion

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