PoliticsMarjorie Taylor Greene reflects on her interactions with Nick Fuentes

    Marjorie Taylor Greene reflects on her interactions with Nick Fuentes

    Marjorie Taylor Greene reflects on her interactions with Nick Fuentes

    Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene reflected on interactions she had with anti-Semite Nick Fuentes and the extremist Milo Yiannopoulos, when he appeared at one of the rallies they organized to give a message and which has now come to light after the scandal of former President Donald Trump for his meeting with the racist and Kanye West.

    After Donald Trump’s dinner with a white supremacist, it was revealed that the Republican from Georgia had participated in an event organized by Nick Fuentesand said that if he had found out at that moment who the person was, he would not have agreed to be part of the rally.

    “I don’t regret talking to the kids who were there because I don’t understand why they follow him”Greene said during a meeting with the press, in relation to Fuentes.

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    “But would he have gone to his event? No. I’m worried about the children who will follow him and that’s a shame. But not, I don’t want anything to do with him.”the representative asserted.

    The Republican also shared that when she was invited to the event, she understood that there would be about a thousand university students at the rally and accepted in order to give a positive message to young people, but he never thought it was organized by the anti-Semitic extremist.

    “Of course my thought was to want to talk to these kids. I gave the same speech that I would anywhere else. I’m proud of the speech I gave and it’s on video, I never said anything wrong,” Greene shared.

    Marjorie Taylor Greene was surprised after seeing some videos where she was shocked to hear her ideology and that she also shares it with young people who follow her.

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    “What I did find out is that I watched some videos. I don’t even know how to keep an eye on this guy. My staff showed me some videos. I couldn’t believe the things he says. I mean, it was shocking!”he claimed.

    Former President Donald Trump met with Nick Fuentes and Kanye West at his mansion in Mar-a-Lago in Florida and has been the target of criticism from lawmakers from his own party who consider it was a mistake to have been with the racist and anti-Semite .

    The Republican defended Trump and assured that he did not know the white supremacist: “President Trump had no idea that [Fuentes] would come So that’s unfortunate.”

    And before concluding, he agrees with the opinion of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy that Fuentes’ views have no place in the party.

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    It should be noted that the extremist Yiannopoulos was part of her team as an intern and lives in the same city where she lives, for which she mentioned that she has spoken with him on a few occasions.

    “I talk to him [Yiannopoulos] from time to time because he actually lives in Rome [Ga.] in the same city where I live. He had no idea they were going there [a Mar-a-Lago]. And I found out about it, basically, like everyone else did on Twitter.”

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