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    Latinos are the second group most affected by gun deaths in the United States

    The Latinos in the United States are the second group most affected by the Firearmsrevealed a survey by the NGO Kaiser Family Foundation on Tuesday.

    The study was released a day after a man carried out a shooting attack at a Louisville, Kentucky bank, killing five people and injuring eight others.

    Firearm-related injuries and deaths, as well as concerns about gun violence, disproportionately affect African American and Latino minorities in the United States.

    Three in ten African-American adults (31%) have personally witnessed someone being shot, as have one-fifth of Hispanic adults (22%)..

    Experiences with firearms-related incidents are common throughout the country, with approximately 1 in 5 adults saying they have been personally threatened with a firearm (21%) or what a family member was killed by a firearm, including by suicide (19%).

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    KFF’s new survey on Americans’ experiences with gun-related violence and incidents found that 1 in 6 people (17%) say they have personally witnessed someone being shot.

    21% of those surveyed said they have ever been threatened with a weapon, while 17% have witnessed someone being shot, 4% confessed to having used a weapon in self-defense and another 4% have been injured in a shooting .

    In total, about half of Americans, 54%, have had some of these experiences with a firearm, detailed the NGO survey.

    The study also reveals that armed violence in the United States especially impacts the African-American population, since 34% of black people have a family member killed by a gunthe Hispanic population surveyed, the second group most affected by gun violence, said they 18% of Latinos have a family member killed by firearms and the white population reached 17%.

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    He political debate on the sale and possession of weapons, a right enshrined in the United States Constitution, is reactivated every time a serious shooting occurs in the country.

    Following the recent shootings, President Joe Biden once again insisted that Congress ban the sale of assault rifles, used in many of these massacres.

    But lawmakers in Congress indicated once again that there was little support for addressing gun control and gun violence through legislation.

    American dissatisfaction with US gun laws has risen to 63%, the highest by one percentage point in the 23-year trend of Gallup polls.

    According to the Gun Violence Archive (GVA), a nonprofit organization that tracks gun violence in the United States, so far in 2023, 11,523 people have died from gun violence as of April 10which is an average of about 115 deaths per day.

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    Suicide deaths made up the vast majority of gun violence deaths this year — about 57%, the tracker reports. Has been an average of about 66 suicide deaths per day in 2023.

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