PoliticsLady Gaga Dubs President Trump 'Racist' and 'A Fool'

    Lady Gaga Dubs President Trump ‘Racist’ and ‘A Fool’

    Lady Gaga is among American celebrities who have condemned the murder of George Floyd as well as lay some of the blame for the unfolding violent protests on the door step of President Donald Trump.

    Major U.S cities have witnessed violent protests since the wake of a viral video which reveals George Floyd being taken into police custody by an officer, Derek Chauvin, who placed his knee on his neck.

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    Fox News reports that on Sunday, Lady Gaga posted a voluminous statement on her Instagram page pledging to support the black community as many Americans across the country are protesting for change. 

    Also, she branded Trump a failure on account of his ignorance and prejudice on the subject.

    She asserted that Americans had for a long time knew that President Trump would not get much success. According to her, Trump occupies a very important office, yet offers nothing except ignorance and bias while African Americans are being murdered at the slightest provocation by police.

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    She also stated observers of the Republican administration understand that President Trump had been a fool as well as racist since he assumed office. She blasts him for championing a system that is deeply entrenched in racism and that Americans were all witnesses to all the recent events that have played out. 

    She admonished Americans to express a greater love for the black community acknowledging that being white was a big privilege which she pledges to stand by. Gaga chided the white community for having not done sufficiently to end racism as well as mobilise enough support for Black Americans who are being murdered every day.

     The singer dubbed ‘gaga’ remarked that the justice system could be referred to as tragedy and that it suggests how the U.S might turn out in the long term.

    Also, The Sun reports that the highly expressive musician wrote on his Instagram page on Sunday that the voices of the African American community had not been given enough expression for too long and that silence was not one that would help America.

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    She noted that no matter what blacks do to protest, they would still not get enough compassion from the same non caring political leaders who have sworn on oath to offer them protection.

    Gaga has not hidden her support for the Democrat Party as well as her preference for Hilary Clinton as president.

    Sports Mole reported earlier this week that Floyd, a 46-year old black man lost his life after being rough handled by a policeman who knelt on his neck for over 9 minutes.

    After video of the event went viral, there had been widespread demonstrations across many cities in the US, which prompted Trump to write a tweet suggesting protesters could be shot for engaging in looting and protests against the police murder of Floyd.

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    Twitter removed Trump’s tweet which has sparked controversies for going against its policies for users, leading the President to hit back by suggesting that he could influence the imposition of restrictions on the operations of social network companies in America.

    News Week reports that the Chromatica music artist pushed for change as she criticised Trump for showing that he was insensitive to the plights of African Americans through his unguarded tweets. 

    Gaga’s statement precedes Taylor Swift criticism of Trump in a Twitter message on Friday. Swift called out Trump for encouraging white supremacy and racism leveraging on his presidency.

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    A lot of criticisms have been generated this week after Trump referred to demonstrators in Minneapolis as thugs, as well as his use of the Walter Headley 1967 speech where he categorically stated violent unrest should be met with a lethal force.

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    Bazezew Zerihun
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