PoliticsKyrsten Sinema and Kevin McCarthy had dinner together, in networks they label...

    Kyrsten Sinema and Kevin McCarthy had dinner together, in networks they label the moment as “the worst”

    “The worst”, this is how the co-founder of the Left Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Adam Greenthe dinner that kyrsten sinema shared with the speaker of the House of Representatives, kevin mccarthyWednesday night.

    It was Jake Sherman, founder of Punchbowl News, who revealed that the senator and the speaker would sit at the same table. “McCarthy will have dinner tonight with Senator Kyrsten Sinema.”

    Later, Shman shared on his social network Twitter an image where you can see Kyrsten Sinema attending to the words that came out of McCarthy’s mouth while a candle livened up the moment.

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    The image provoked a reaction, not very favorable. Adam Green shared the photo and wrote “The phrase ‘worst’ can be overused. Not here, the worst.”

    “This can only be bad for normal Americans.” “Planning what works for them, not for the country, for sure.” “Obviously, you can’t make deals in the Senate without her”. “The interpretation ‘deals’ is intriguing, treacherous, misleading, is it a correct interpretation?”. “The new Speaker inviting the most corrupt member to dinner of the (ostensibly) opposition party during high-level “negotiations” designed to harm the acting President of his own (ostensibly) party,” were some of the many comments the image received.

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    Kyrsten Sinema stole media attention for voting against a series of progressive proposals, including a plan to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, which she rejected with a thumbs down, he later announced that he was resigning from the Democratic Party to become an independent.

    Until now Kyrsten Sinema and Kevin McCarthy have kept the talk under lock and key that they had on Wednesday night, however, some familiar person at dinner is expected to reveal information soon.

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    Source: La Opinion

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