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    Kristi Noem appears on Donald Trump’s radar to add her as a running mate

    In case of obtaining the Republican candidacy towards the presidential elections, Donald Trump is studying the possibility of adding Kristi Noem, governor of South Dakota, as his running mate.

    Since none of the eight candidates competing to represent his party seem to convince the 77-year-old New Yorker, leader in the polls, to join their ranks, he would then set his sights on Kristi Noem.

    Based on it, Trump would choose to begin approaching the governor of South Dakota to carefully evaluate her virtues at the head of the state he administers.

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    In this way, he will participate in the event called “Monumental Leaders Rally” of the South Dakota Republican Party, which will take place in Rapid City, on September 8.

    This meeting will be attended by Kristi Noem, who, thanks to Trump’s support, managed to become the first female governor of South Dakota in 2019.

    It is noteworthy that, Despite Donald Trump’s busy schedule, he will presumably take time to try to talk with Noem during his stay in Dakota, since its objective is to evaluate her as a possible candidate for the presidency of the nation, this if she wins the elections next year.

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    In fact, Upon learning that the former president would run for the Republican nomination for the second time, Noem chose to concentrate on governing at the state level. Well, he was aware of how complicated it is to compete with Trump’s popularity.

    “The fact is, none of them can win as long as Trump is in the race. And those are just the facts,” he argued a few weeks ago during an interview with the Fox News television network.

    And according to the results of most surveys that measure voting intentions among Republicans, Kristi Noem is right, because The former president has the acceptance of at least 50% of the Republican voters and this allows him to gain up to 32 points over Ron DeSantis, his closest pursuer.

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    It should be noted that, until last week, It was believed that Vivek Ramaswamy could be Trump’s running mate, but something does not end up convincing the New Yorker and that is why I would look for Kristi Noem as an alternative.

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