PoliticsKeys about George Santos, the Republican caught in lies to reach Congress

    Keys about George Santos, the Republican caught in lies to reach Congress

    George Santos, 34, can’t (and maybe didn’t) get out of the eye of the storm after multiple lies he told throughout his campaign to achieve his goal: to win the Third District of New York in the House of Representatives.

    While it is true that all politicians magnify their lives in order to appear more “attractive” to their followers, Santos went too far, to the point of lying about his background, his work experience and even his ancestry.

    However, he refuses to resign, after the revelations made, in principle, by The North Shore Leader, a Long Island, New York outlet.

    I was elected to serve the people of #NY03, not a party or politiciansI remain committed to doing so and refuse to listen to those local officials who refuse to work with my office to deliver results to keep our community safe and cost of living low,” Santos said on Twitter.

    This Thursday he said that he is willing to resign if 142 people from his district ask him to, but that statement contradicted what he also said this Thursday: “I am not going to resign.”

    Santos presumed that he was Jewish and that his grandparents were Ukrainian Jews, but in reality they were born in Brazil. When they discovered his lie He had no choice but to accept that he was “Judaized” because his upbringing had a Jewish influence.

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    This is how he justified himself to the New York Times: “I never claimed to be a Jew. I am catholicsince I found out that my maternal family had a Jewish background, I said that I was Judaized.”

    Santos said he graduated from Baruch University and also went to New York University. (NYU), in addition to stating that he worked for Citigroup or Goldman Sachs, however, admitted he had been inaccurate about graduating from Baruch College after acknowledging that he did not have a university degree.

    The New York Times disproved that Santos had worked in a financial firm when it discovered that in reality, during the period that the Republican indicated, I work in Dish Network call center.

    Prosecutors are reportedly examining, among other things, the presentations of Long Island politician financial disclosure where Santos reported winning $750,000 from his consulting firm Devolder Organizationalong with dividends valued between $1 million and $5 million.

    According to the Brazilian authorities, Santos used a stolen checkbook to buy luxury items from the Niteroi store valued at almost $700 under a false name, a reason that further complicated their search, but now that they know the whereabouts of the American politician they are ready to resume the case, contact the Department of Justice (DOJ). and seek a formal response to the allegations.

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    Santos offered an interview and denied all the accusations that fall on his shoulders, as well as the accusations about check fraud in Brazil.

    “I am not a criminal here (USA) or in Brazilnor in any jurisdiction in the world” said the Long Island Republican. “Absolutely not. That didn’t happen.”

    Nassau County Republican Chairman, Joseph Cairo, requested the resignation of Santos whom he accused of “disgracing the House of Representatives”, In addition to having launched a campaign based on “deceit, lies and fabrications”

    At the request of Republican leaders The chairman of the New York State Conservative Party, Gerard Kassar, also reacted.

    “The New York State Conservative Party joins the Nassau County Republicans in calling for the resignation of newly elected Representative George Santos,” he said. Mr. Santos’ extensive use of falsehoods as a candidate morally disqualifies him from serving in public office and exposes you to potential legal action, seriously compromising their ability to represent their constituents.”

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    Kassar trusted that Santos will submit his resignation.

    At the same time that the Republicans asked Santos to resign, it came to light that George Santos received a donation from the Italian Rocco Oppedisano, who was expelled from the United States in 2019 for piloting a yacht full of immigrants and $200,000 in cash to Florida .

    The Daily Beast indicated that the Republican surely received “illegal” money, which would also be a very serious problem for the politician.

    Yes, George Santos has become something of a nightmare for the Republican Party, however, he was a key player in Kevin McCarthy becoming Speaker of the House of Congress, although his vote was not decisive, it did help him reach the complicated goal.

    McCarthy said Santos will not be on some high-level committee.

    “The voters in your district have elected you. He has a chair. He is part of the Republican conference,” McCarthy said, though he noted that the Ethics Committee will pursue a process in this regard.

    The Santos case would be a problem for the Republicans, who are shaping up to try to return to power in 2024.

    Source: La Opinion

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