PoliticsKevin McCarthy to Promote Launch of Joe Biden-Related Impeachment Inquiry

    Kevin McCarthy to Promote Launch of Joe Biden-Related Impeachment Inquiry

    Kevin McCarthy, president of the House of Representatives, does not take his finger off the line in ensuring thatduring his time as vice president of the country, presumably Joe Biden received millions of dollars from companies with which his son did business under the argument of interfering in the decisions made in the White House.

    Thus, under the premise of launching an impeachment investigation, they have demanded that he present bank statements, as well as those of his credit cards and all the documentation related to his family’s businesses abroadbecause so far it is not possible for the Republican to agree to this, but in the event that the current president continues to refuse to do so, then he will consider the possibility of an impeachment investigation.

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    During an interview given to foxnews, McCarthy detailed the strategy he would follow to try to prove that the Bidens received bribes, which are hidden somewhere.

    If they provide us with the documents, there would be no need for an impeachment inquiry. But if they withhold the documents and fight as they have now to not provide the American public with what they deserve to know, we will move forward with the impeachment inquiry when we come back in session,” he said.

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    The 58-year-old Californian referred to the statement of an FBI informant whoin June 2020, spoke about a $5 million bribe that Mykola Zlochevsky, owner of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma, he paid the Bidens.

    “Why can’t we get the documents that show that he is not being bribed, that he did not receive foreign money directly, and that he did not speak to his son?

    We found out that then Vice President Biden, President candidate, told the American public things that are not true, and now he had to change his version”, he emphasized.

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    In this sense, on several occasions the White House has categorically denied that the president was related to his son Hunter’s business and also reiterates that the Republicans have no evidence to corroborate their version.

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