PoliticsKevin McCarthy takes aim against the Committee of January 6 on the...

    Kevin McCarthy takes aim against the Committee of January 6 on the evidence “it does not belong to them”

    Kevin McCarthy takes aim against the Committee of January 6 on the evidence "it does not belong to them"

    Kevin McCarthy, who is running for House speaker but faces strong opposition from the Republican caucus, issued a warning in a letter to US House Select Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson about the january 6 attack “imperative that collected be preserved”.

    Your letter also suggests that Republicans should hold their own hearings on the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol and on democracy, but with a very different approach.

    “The American people elected Republicans to lead the 118th Congress. On January 3, 2023, your job as Chairman of the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6 Attack on the United States Capitol will come to an end,” he told her. McCarthy to Thompson in his letter, which was reported by CBS News.

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    He also reminded him of the weight that falls on his shoulders “I remind you and your staff in the Committee that retain all records collected and transcripts of testimony taken during your investigationn in accordance with House Rule VII. As Chair, regardless of who is directing the work of the Committee, you are responsible for the work done by its members and staff.”

    Annoyed by the way in which the investigation has been carried out, McCarthy noted that millions of dollars have been spent on research “It is clear from recent news reports that even its own members and Committee staff do not have visibility into the entirety of the investigation. Some reports suggest that entire swaths of findings will be left out of the Committee’s final report. He has spent a year and a half and millions of taxpayer dollars conducting this investigation.”

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    the defender of Donald Trump indicated that the official records of Congress do not belong to him and that the only owners are Americans.

    “It is imperative that all information collected be preserved not only for institutional prerogatives but also for transparency to the American people. The official records of Congress do not belong to you or any member, but to the American peopleand they are owed all the information they collected, not just the information that corresponds to their political agenda,” McCarthy wrote.

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    Source: La Opinion

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