PoliticsKevin McCarthy confirmed that George Santos is being investigated by the House...

    Kevin McCarthy confirmed that George Santos is being investigated by the House Ethics Committee

    This Tuesday the speaker of the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy confirmed that the House Ethics Committee is investigating Long Island Rep. George Santos.

    McCarthy told CNN that some Republicans acknowledge it could lead to their removal from Congress if the panel presents evidence of a series of irregularities. “Ethics advances and if ethics finds something we will take action. At this time we are not allowing him to be in the committees from the point of view of the questions that have been suggested.

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    Yes ok There have been several personalities who have asked Santos to leave his post in the House for his countless lies, Kevin McCarthy has not asked for his resignationHe even mentioned that voters should decide their future, although he also indicated that if his colleague has a pending issue, he would let the House ethics investigation make decisions.

    The investigation into Santos comes after three members of the House of Representatives They leaked that the representative communicated that he wants to leave two of his committees until his problems are resolved; according to CNN reports, the informants said that the congressional rookie had a meeting with kevin mccarthy behind closed doors where the subject was discussed.

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    Santos, who until a few weeks ago was a member of the Science, Space and Technology Committee and the Small Business Committeesaid a few weeks ago that I wouldn’t take a step back until that the people who voted for him asked him to, but this investigation puts his political career in jeopardy.

    Santos faces a list of growing questions about the fabrication of his past and about his campaign finances.

    Source: La Opinion

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