PoliticsKevin McCarthy backs some defense spending cuts

    Kevin McCarthy backs some defense spending cuts

    In response to the tension generated by the Republicans about the position they will take to try to limit government spending, Kevin McCarthy, Speaker of the House of Representatives, said he was in favor of some cuts in defense spending.

    Asked by Maria Bartiromo, head of Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” whether he was willing to cut defense spending down to last year’s levels, McCarthy noted that building on the previous budget might not imply a true decrease.

    “If we go back to 22 levels, that was what we were spending just two or three weeks ago. That’s not cutting defense by $75 billion. Defense receives more than 800 billion dollars. Are there areas in which it could be more efficient? Yes,” she expressed.

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    The Californian politician is clear that less taxpayers’ money should be spent at all levels of government.

    “Why would we sit down and be so arrogant to say no, there is no waste in government? Why not look at all the money that was spilled due to COVID? How much of that money hasn’t been spent? Why not withdraw that yet?” she stressed.

    Until now, several Republican legislators have spoken out against a possible cut in military spending, even Tony Gonzalez, representative of Texas, considers it inappropriate if one takes into account that the war between Russia and Ukraine continues, something that in If it escalates, it could threaten the security of the United States and the entire world.

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    “When you have aggressive Russia and Ukraine, you have a growing threat from China in the Pacific, how are you going to look our allies in the eye and say, ‘I need you to increase your defense budget, but still is the United States going to decrease ours?’”, he recently expressed in an interview with CBS television.

    The truth is The version is gaining strength that, during fiscal year 2023, a reduction of up to $75 billion dollars would be applied to the $857 billion dollars allocated to the Defense budget.

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