PoliticsKevin McCarthy assures that investigations into Joe Biden would reach the level...

    Kevin McCarthy assures that investigations into Joe Biden would reach the level of impeachment

    House Speaker Kevin McCarthy projects that investigations by the House Republican Party into foreign business activities tied to the Biden family will rise to the level of an impeachment inquiry.

    During an interview with the Fox network, the Californian politician He warned that information continues to emerge that shows how the president of the nation and his family have carried out financial operations that represent millions of dollars.

    “When Biden ran for office, he told the public that he had never talked about business. He said that his family never received a dollar from China, which we show is not true,” he said.

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    Likewise, McCarthy indicated that by tracking the accounts linked to the presidential family, millionaire flows of money linked to fictitious companies allegedly owned by them have been discovered.

    “We have only followed where the information has led us. But this is getting to the level of an impeachment inquiry, which gives Congress the strongest power to obtain the rest of the necessary knowledge and information”, he stressed.

    In this sense, the Republican issued an even more controversial statement regarding the exercise of power in the White House.

    This president has also used something we haven’t seen since Richard Nixon: use government weaponry to benefit his family. and deny Congress the ability to oversee,” he said.
    For this reason, Kevin McCarthy’s intention is to obtain more evidence that will allow the president of the nation to sit on the dock.

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    “I think we will follow this through to the end, and it will lead to an impeachment inquiry, the way the Constitution tells us to do this, and we have to get the answers to these questions,” he said.

    Against the approach of the speaker of the House of Representatives, Ian Sams, White House spokesman for supervision and investigations, issued a message on social networks criticizing the position taken to attack the president.

    Instead of focusing on the real issues Americans want us to address, like continuing to bring inflation down or creating jobs, this is what @HouseGOP wants to prioritize. Their eagerness to persecute @POTUS regardless of the truth is seemingly bottomless,” he said.

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    However, a poll conducted late last month by Morning Consult revealed that 30% of registered voters make it a priority for Congress to investigate whether Joe Biden should be impeached.

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