PoliticsJoe Machin reiterates that he is not currently seeking to reach the...

    Joe Machin reiterates that he is not currently seeking to reach the White House

    During his participation in a meeting held in the Common Sense council of No Labels, based andn New Hampshire, Joe Manchin downplayed the possibility of running for president next year through a third political party.

    And it is that the formula integrated by Joe Manchin and Jon Huntsman in the events organized by the No Labels group have aroused the concern of some citizens to see them together on the ballot next year, this as an alternative to vote instead of Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

    Although he is aware that the Democratic and Republican parties have gone to extremes in their positions, The 75-year-old senator has practically ruled out that for the moment he is thinking of representing a third party in an electoral contest.

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    I think people are getting ahead of the game, putting the cart before the horse. We are here to make sure that the American people have a choice, and the choice is whether they can get the political parties off their respective sides. They have gone too far to the right and too much to the left,” he said.

    The intention of No Labels in bringing Manchin and the former Utah governor closer to the public seems to revolve around evaluating the strength that both politicians could have if they are nominated at some point. next year.

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    In fact, when they performed at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, considered a popular stop in the state for early voting for presidential candidates, Manchin and Huntsman had a good connection with those who heard their thoughts about the solution that problems of the state require. country.

    I’m not here to run for president tonight. I’m here basically trying to save the nation. The objective is to try to explain to them the real options that can be the new parties that basically have not regressed to their logical extreme right and extreme left, “said the senator from West Virginia.

    for his partChris Sununu, Governor of New Hampshirewho was also present at the No Labels event, was emphatic in pointing out that the public demands another option for which to vote.

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    “Most Americans don’t want Trump or Biden, so there will be a vacuum to fill the void,” he stressed.

    According to some experts, at this moment, a potential No Labels candidacy could affect the electoral possibilities of the Democrats, since it would end up subtracting the necessary votes to defeat the Republicans if it were the case that Donald Trump is chosen as their candidate. This is because in the polls the New Yorker surpasses Joe Biden in the preference of the citizens.

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