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    Joe Biden rented a mansion in Nevada to get away from the investigation into his son Hunter

    While the investigation of Andrew Weiss, special prosecutor assigned to the Hunter Biden case, continues its course, the nation’s president and his entire family will take a few days off in a mansion they rented in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

    The White House announced that the presidential family will move to a property valued at $18 million dollarswhich was leased to former Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer.

    Located in a wooded area, the luxurious property has all the necessary amenities for the president and his loved ones to stay off the radar of the news media. for at least the nine days they plan to spend there.

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    The family reunion will reportedly be attended by first lady Jill Biden, her children Ashley and Hunter, her daughter-in-law Melissa and several grandchildren.

    The reunion’s objective, besides resting, it is trying to shake off the stress produced by the possibility that Hunter Biden could go to prison at the end of a grueling legal process.

    And it is that The President’s Son’s Son’s Picture Complicated After a Plea Deal Collapsed where he accepted two misdemeanor tax offenses stemming from his willful failure to pay federal income tax.

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    In case the judge had accepted the agreement, Hunter Biden avoided going to prison, but there is also another crime considered serious and that weighs against him, which is related to a firearm.

    So the president’s son is at risk of losing his freedom if he is convicted.

    Earlier this month, Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Andrew Weiss as special prosecutor in Hunter’s case, raising the possibility that a reinvestigation could lead to further complications for Hunter.

    In this sense, The Republicans are not removing their finger from the line of continuing to investigate the members of the Biden family either, They claim that they have allegedly received millions of dollars of money related to foreign companies that could even have been blackmailed by Hunter Biden on the grounds of interfering in the decision-making of the US government.

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    With all this on top of it, the presidential family chose to move away a bit from the information released so far.

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