PoliticsJoe Biden assures that strengthening democracy is the great challenge of our...

    Joe Biden assures that strengthening democracy is the great challenge of our era

    US President Joe Biden said this Wednesday at a virtual summit of heads of state organized by his country that strengthening democracy is the great challenge of this era and that it is a job that “never ends”.

    “Strengthening democracy is a topic that I am passionate about. I believe this is the challenge that defines our age.“, affirmed the president in his participation in the second edition of the Summit for Democracy, which is being held today virtually, with Biden as one of the hosts.

    Therefore, it is necessary “continually renew” this commitment, “continually strengthen institutions, eradicate corruption where we find itseek to build consensus and reject political violence”. “Democracy is hard work, it never ends,” she added.

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    In the president’s opinion, today it can be said “that the democracies of the world are becoming stronger, not weaker” and that “the autocracies of the world are becoming weaker, not stronger.”

    That is a direct result of all of us coming together with self-confidence and conviction in our cause.“, stated the president minutes before the intervention of the president of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenski, who asked for more help from the international community for the “war against freedom and democracy”.

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    From early in the morning, different political leaders have participated in the event, mainly through pre-recorded videos. Leaders of all political stripes, from the head of the Italian government, Giorgia Meloni, to the president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, sent their messages.

    The President of France, Emmanuel Macron; German Chancellor Olaf Scholz; British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak; or Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also participated.

    Biden also recalled the announcement made today of a new investment of 690 million dollars in a program to strengthen democracy in the world.

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    The funds will be added to those already signed by the US under the Presidential Initiative for Democratic Renewal, adopted in 2021.

    With information from Efe.

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