PoliticsJFK's grandson describes as shameful the campaign of Robert F. Kennedy Jr....

    JFK’s grandson describes as shameful the campaign of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. with which he seeks the presidency

    Jack Schlossberg, grandson of former President John F. Kennedy, lashed out at his cousin Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign. with the aim of reaching the presidency and even described it as a shame.

    By posting a video on Instagram, the son of the US ambassador to Australia, Caroline Kennedy, He criticized the way his relative tries to get the attention of voters.

    Your candidacy is a shame. Let’s not get distracted again by someone’s vain project. President John F. Kennedy is my grandfather. And his legacy is important. It’s about much more than Camelot and conspiracy theories. It’s about public service and courage,” he said, referring to the hypotheses that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. often mentions about issues such as vaccination against COVID.

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    A graduate of Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School, Schlossberg pointed out that more than thinking about supporting his cousin in his aspirations to reach the White House, he is convinced that the best option for the United States is for Joe Biden to be re-elected.

    “I am excited to vote for Joe Biden in my state primary and again in the general election, and I hope you do too. He is the greatest progressive president we have ever had,” he mentioned.

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    About, John F. Kennedy’s grandson also referred to several of the achievements that have been achieved with the current government and why he supports extending his administration.

    With Biden, we have added 13 million jobs. Unemployment is at its lowest level in 60 years. Biden approved the largest investment in infrastructure since the New Deal and the largest investment in green energy in history. He has appointed more federal judges than any president since my grandfather. Our longest war is over. It’s over with the COVID pandemic and it’s over with Donald Trump,” he said.

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    He also recommended his cousin Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to join the Biden campaign instead of seeking as obtain a personal benefit with his conspiracy theories.

    I have no idea why someone like that thinks they should be president. If my cousin Bobby cared about any of the important issues on the government agenda, he should support Joe Biden; instead, he is trading Camelot, celebrity conspiracy theories, and conflicts for personal gain and fame.”

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