PoliticsJared Kushner confirms that Donald Trump asked to register “Election Rigged!” ...

    Jared Kushner confirms that Donald Trump asked to register “Election Rigged!” after the 2020 vote

    The ex-president Donald Trump wanted to trademark the phrase “Election rigged!” after losing the elections in 2020according to a recently released transcript of an interview his son-in-law, Jared Kushnerhe gave to the House select committee investigating the riot on Capitol Hill.

    According to the transcript of an interview dated March 31 and published on Friday, December 30, Melania Trump’s husband received an email from former White House adviser Dan Scavinoa couple of days after (on November 9, 2020) the race was called in favor of Joe Biden.

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    According to the transcript, the mail had the title “POTUS Requests” and inside you could read “Hey Jared! POTUS wants to register/own rights next, I don’t know who to see, or ask… I don’t know who to take.”

    In the text, the phrases highlighted in bold “Rigged Election!” and “Save America PAC!”.

    Trump’s son-in-law told the committee on January 6 that he did not remember exactly that request. “they gave me an application, I sent it to the people I thought were the right people and asked them to do it” Statement matching an email the committee filed showing Kushner requested that the petition be made “as soon as possible.”

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    That same day, Jared’s brother-in-law, Erick Trump, indicated that the URL of both sites that his father requested were already registered “both web urls are already registered. Save America PAC registered on October 23 of this year. Was that done by the campaign?

    Dollman replied: “’Save America PAC’ is already taken/registered, just confirming. But we can still apply for ‘Save America.’”

    Kushner’s response, stressing to the committee that his role was “operational” and involved forwarding requests to the right people, was according to the transcript “Go.”

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    Although it was confirmed that both URLs were registered, neither show results.

    Source: La Opinion

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