PoliticsJames Comer describes as despicable the lies in which George Santos has...

    James Comer describes as despicable the lies in which George Santos has incurred

    James Comer, new chairman of the Oversight and Accountability Committee of the House of Representatives, spoke out against the conduct assumed by the New York politician George SantoHe is the one who has been exposed to several lies.

    During an interview with Jake Tapper on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Comer acknowledges that even though Santos is considered a bad person, he was elected through a democratic process and the vote of those who trusted him should be respected.

    The lies he tells are quite despicable. However, he is not the first politician, unfortunately, to go to Congress to lie. You know, Elizabeth Warren wasn’t candid about her ethnicity, and I could go on and on. But, George Santos was duly elected by the people,” she indicated.

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    After the representative of the 3rd district of New York has not been able to prove that he has the university degree that appears on his resume or that he worked with some of the main Wall Street firms, a sector of Republicans in the House demands his resignation .

    “This is disturbing in many ways. It is clear that she has repeatedly lied. I should be thinking about resigning,” Texas representative Kevin Brady recently said.

    In addition, some Republicans have also asked authorities or the House Ethics Committee to investigate the claims of the politician of Brazilian descentwhom The New York Times discovered to be linked to a complaint for having used false checks years ago to buy items in the Brazilian city of Niteroi.

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    However, George Santos has come out to declare that he will only leave the position he holds if the little more than 140,000 people who voted for him requested it.

    The truth is the 34-year-old politician earned the sympathy of a broad section of the population for being the first openly gay Republican congressman to win a seat in the House of Representatives.

    The controversial point is that Santos’ lies are incredible, since to what has already been mentioned is added the fact that he assures that his mother died in the attack perpetrated on the Twin Towers in 2001, when his mother actually died 15 years later; or appearing with a member of a millionaire family, something completely opposite already proven.

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