PoliticsImmigration reform plan fails in Congress

    Immigration reform plan fails in Congress

    Days ago it was announced that Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) and Thom Tillis (RN.C.) they would have reached an agreement on a draft framework that sought an agreement on immigration reform, however, negotiations in the Senate did not achieve sufficient attraction to be approved before the end of the session of Congress, an official familiar with the matter told CBS News.

    The informant pointed out that Siena and Tills in the end did not reach an agreement to achieve the 60 votes that were needed in the Senate, highlighting the failure of Congress to pass a law designed to reform an immigration system that has not been significantly updated since the 1990s and that has been urgently called for to do something about it.

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    This failure will also cloud prospects for a bipartisan deal on immigration. in the short term because once the Republican legislators take control of the House, next January, they do not plan to grant amnesty to any group of immigrants.

    People familiar with the negotiations noted that Border-related items that came up as part of the talks included raising the salaries of Border Patrol agents and bolstering their ranksas well as provide additional funds to the Department of Homeland Security for detention centers, deportations, enactments of additional sanctions for migrants who do not attend their court hearings.

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    Talks between Sinema and Tillis focused on providing a path to legal status permanent to the ‘Dreamers’or unauthorized immigrants brought to the United States as children, a longtime Democratic priority.

    The president of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Raul Ruiz (California), joined leaders from organizations such as United We Dream, Immigration Hub, UnidosUS, Mi Familia Vota, and Community Change Action to criticize the Republicans on the failure of the immigration plan.

    They stressed that 78% of Latino voters are in favor of Congress taking action to protect ‘Dreamers’ if a federal court nullifies the DACA program.

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    A letter signed by 66 Latino leaders from across the country reminded Congress that Immigration is a deeply personal and important issue for Latino communities in the US. and these voters are paying close attention to who steps up to protect Dreamers.

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    Source: La Opinion

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