Politics"I will never leave that woman", Kevin McCarthy's promise about Marjorie Taylor...

    “I will never leave that woman”, Kevin McCarthy’s promise about Marjorie Taylor Greene

    "I will never leave that woman", Kevin McCarthy's promise about Marjorie Taylor Greene

    It is no secret to anyone that Marjorie Taylor Green is one of Kevin McCarthy’s most fervent followers who weeks ago became president of the House of Representatives after 15 intense votes and in which at all times he had the representative of Georgia.

    After all the support he received from Green, McCarthy went out of his way to praise the controversial congressman. “I will never leave that woman” McCarthy told a friend who confided the information to The New York Times.

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    The informant told the aforementioned outlet that the speaker said “i will always take care of her” and even recounted that politicians constantly send text messages and meet once a week in McCarthy’s office, as if that were not enough, the new president will asked his general counsel to convince top Twitter executives to reactivate Green’s personal account after being blocked for violating the COVID-19 misinformation policy.

    In an interview with the New York Times, McCarthy was very clear in saying that “If you’re going to be in a fight, you want Marjorie in your trenches. When she starts a fight, she will fight until the fight is over. She reminds me of my high school friends that we’re going to stay together all the time.”

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    Prior to these compliments, McCarthy and Greene didn’t have a relationship like they do nowThe Georgia representative even indicated that their relationship changed after she learned that her colleague defended her over the Democrats’ decision to strip her of her committee assignments.

    Reason why he did not hesitate to support McCarthy during the 15 votes to become a speaker, even the graphic press captured the moment in which Greene tried to connect Donald Trump with one of the rogue Republicans who refused to vote for Kevin.

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