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    “I know it was you”, the harsh claim of a Republican to McCarthy after a painful defeat

    vern buchanan71, who served as vice president of the House and Umpires and Means Committee, was not shy about criticizing kevin mccarthy after he lost the presidency to congressman Jason Smith42 years old, apparently as part of a series of deals that the new speaker of the House of Representatives did so that he could stand as speaker after 15 votes.

    “You screwed me. I know it was you, you spanked me,” Buchanan told McCarthy. while he was distributing the votes, a source who was in the House informed Puck media.

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    The same informant indicated that after the lash he gave against the president of the House of Representatives, the aging Republican went for the throat at McCarthy’s deputy chief of staff for operations, John Leganski, which generated whispers among congressmen who are used to seeing an always friendly Buchanan.

    Exploded after losing Ways & Means to a McCarthy allyfueling anxiety that he might retire in anger, and that McCarthy’s trading of favors has eroded his narrow margin of support,” Buchanan’s representative said angrily.

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    That Smith has achieved this victory, beyond being favorable to McCarthy, at the end of the day they put him on the ropes because his margin of error could be reduced from four votes to three to pass critical partisan legislationas reported by the aforementioned medium.

    “It might not have come as a surprise that Buchanan, who is independently wealthy and a whisperer of key donors, is not taking the slight lightly. Vern put more money into fundraising than anyone else and he wanted that source told Puck while another noted that “the congressman had raised more than $4.1 million for the Republican National Congressional Committee and hosted a last-minute fundraiser at his home, at McCarthy’s request, for Anna Paulina. Luna, with special guest Newt Gingrich. ‘But Smith is a McCarthy crony,’” this person said.

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    Source: La Opinion

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