PoliticsHunter Biden Demands Investigations in Open Counter-Offensive Against His GOP Enemies

    Hunter Biden Demands Investigations in Open Counter-Offensive Against His GOP Enemies

    The lawyers of Hunter Biden on Wednesday asked several state and federal agencies to investigate the owner of a computer repair shop, Rudy Giuliani and several Republican political figures who are involved in spreading the contents of his laptop, alleging they committed computer breaches and other crimes in his effort to “weapon” the contents of that laptop against his father, the president Joe Bidenaccording to CNN.

    The allegations, made in letters to the Delaware attorney general, the Justice Department’s Homeland Security Division and the IRS, mark the first time that ePresident Joe Biden’s son and his legal team publicly acknowledge that his personal data was supposed to be on a laptop Dropped off at the Delaware repair shop.

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    However, his legal team said these new actions do not amount to confirming the laptop narrative that has circulated on the right.

    The letters sent signal a clear change in strategy by Hunter Biden after bringing in new lawyers to help fend off an onslaught of attacks from Republicans, who have tried to use his personal drug struggles and congressional investigations. about their business to attack the president.

    Hunter Biden also faces an ongoing federal criminal investigation focusing on tax and other issues.

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    In addition to letters to government agencies, Hunter Biden’s attorneys sent a cease and desist letter to Fox News and network host Tucker Carlson on Wednesday, asking for the retraction of a story aired on Carlson’s show that the legal team says is false.

    In the years since the existence of the laptop was first made public, Hunter Biden has tried to cast doubt on the provenance of his personal information that allegedly came from the laptop. It appears to contain a large amount of information detailing, among other things, business documents, emails, and photos, including some potentially lewd material.

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    “There could be a laptop that was stolen from me,” Hunter Biden said in a 2021 CBS interview while promoting his memoir. “It could be that I got hacked. It could be that it was… that it was Russian intelligence. It could be that they stole it.”

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    Source: La Opinion

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