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    How the Inflation Reduction Act benefits the population, interview with the White House Hispanic spokesperson

    A year ago, the Inflation Reduction Act, also known as the IRA in English, was approved, which contemplates investments of more than $400,000 million dollars on various frontsincluding environmental and health.

    In an interview with this newspaper, Luisana Perez Fernandez, White House spokesperson for Hispanic media, highlights various aspects of said rule, approved under the Reconciliation process, that is, without Republican support.

    “When we talk about the climatic part, let’s see what we are going through in recent months, fires, we are experiencing hurricanes, we are seeing the extreme heat that is affecting our communities, they are a consequence of climate change,” said the spokeswoman. “Lthe idea is that [esta ley] invest in clean energyinvest so that the United States can be a country that does not have to depend on fossil energy, but can think about renewable energy”.

    Perez Fernandez indicated that this also has an impact on remote communities, where cleaner air and water are sought.

    He added that along with the investment benefits, Americans – including the Hispanic or Latino population – will have access to well-paid jobs in the construction area, for example.

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    What this law does is attack the climate crisisinvesting in our communities […] especially in states like Arizona and states like Nevada, where jobs are being created in the area of ​​clean energy, in communities that were often forgotten,” he said.

    He pointed out that the Hispanic or Latino population will benefit in the mentioned states, due to the investment programs.

    The Inflation Reduction Law is broad, since it not only contemplates investments in the environment, but also establishes reductions in the costs of medicines and health insurance benefits.

    “This law, which is one year old today since it was approved, [plantea] help families across America pay lesseither due to the cost of energy or the cost of medicines”, insisted Perez Fernandez.

    He added that one of the great achievements is the cost of insulin for people with Medicaid has a limit of $35 dollars, in addition to achieving discounts on other medications, mainly for older adults.

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    “People are already going to start feeling those lower costs. In fact, the law caps insulin costs, as I mentioned, at $35 a month for four million seniors on Medicare, and is still saving Medicare recipients $2,000 a year in out-of-pocket costs. , that many times we know that people cannot afford them,” said Perez Fernandez about the medicines.

    He noted that the costs of health insurance premiums have also been reduced.

    The spokeswoman acknowledged that the implementation of the law will still take time, but affirmed that it has been advancing and people will be able to feel the benefits “in the coming months, in the coming years.”

    “People can see in their community the investments that are being made; we have made available to the public on the website, there you can click on your state, in your community, and see how much money has been invested thanks to this law and thanks to other laws that we have passed such as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act , the Economic Rescue Plan, the CHIPS and Science Law”, said Perez Fernandez.

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    He added that the population will receive other benefits with investments in infrastructure, such as the reduction in the cost of electricity.

    For some families there are even tax discounts on the purchase of some productssuch as electric cars or appliances that help save energy.

    “People can receive tax credits when they buy, maybe an electric car; when you buy appliances that are more energy efficient,” the spokeswoman said.

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    Source: La Opinion

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