PoliticsHispanic Texas Republicans Unite in Campaign to Win Latino Voters

    Hispanic Texas Republicans Unite in Campaign to Win Latino Voters

    Hispanic Texas Republicans Unite in Campaign to Win Latino Voters

    The Republican Party found a formula that they consider will lead them to success during the midterm elections in the state of Texas and it is through the representative Mayra Flores and the candidates Monica de la Cruz and Cassy Garciathree conservatives who are anti-abortion, pro-border security and define themselves as patriots.

    Representative Mayra Flores became the first woman born in Mexico elected to be part of Congress for the 34th District of the state of Texas. Flores won a district that had voted for the Democratic Party for many years.

    the candidate Cassy Garcia for the 28th Congressional District from Texas is running against the current representative, Democrat Henry Cuellar. Monica Cruzthe Republican candidate for 15th Congressional District for the same state, have joined forces to win back voters.

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    Hispanic Republicans will seek the attention of Hispanic voters with conservative policies and views and will focus, according to statements they made, on issues like inflation and immigration.

    Notably, Representative Flores took a strong approach against illegal immigration and advocated for Hispanic Americans in border communities to be able to work.

    “Honestly, that’s my biggest frustration because Democrats want to do something for immigrants, but they don’t. They use us every year. They promise immigration reform within 100 days. Honestly, I’m sick of them using immigration and using immigrants,” added Mayra Flores.

    Cassy Garcia is willing to convince Hispanic voters, because they share the same needs and assures that her challenger has lost contact with the community.

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    “Henry has been in office since I was in kindergarten. That’s a lot of time. You have lost touch with our community. The reason I am running for Congress is to defend faith, family and freedom,” Garcia told Fox News.

    And he added that: “The Democrats have left the Hispanic community. That is why we will see more Democrats vote Republican in November.”

    Monica de la Cruz of Mexican origin also seeks to get closer to the Hispanic community and strengthens herself together with her two colleagues to find the best benefits for citizens. Though some of the trio’s stances are conservative and they haven’t finished convincing voters.

    I have lived the american dream and I am running for Congress to protect it for my grandmother and yours,” De la Cruz wrote on his Twitter account.

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    “We know each other. We spend time together, we support each other and now we have become by our strong bond in the triple threat. We all defend faith, family, and love of country,” exclaimed candidate De la Cruz in an interview.

    The three Republicans assure that South Texas is taking notice of the work of the Republicans and that together they will be able to obtain what the Democrats promised and did not fulfill, in addition to feeling identified with the three. The legislators confirmed that they will seek immigration reform, grow Hispanic values.

    Source: La Opinion

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