PoliticsGeorge Santos says he survived an "assassination attempt", one more lie for...

    George Santos says he survived an “assassination attempt”, one more lie for his record?

    George Santos says he survived an "assassination attempt", one more lie for his record?

    The Congressional Rookie George Santos claimed in a Brazilian podcast interview last month that he survived a “assassination attempt”; in a separate case, he indicated that his shoes were stolen during a mugging in broad daylight on Fifth Avenue.

    According to MSNBC, which aired part of the interview on The Rachel Maddow Show, the congressman was introduced on the podcast as George Santos-Devolder and revealed that “We have already suffered an attempt on my life, an assassination attempt, a threatening letter, having to put up with the police, a police escort stopped in front of our house.”

    Saints, who “beautified his resume” He also indicated that throughout his 34 years he has been the victim of multiple crimes and added that when he and his husband returned home from a New Year’s party in 2021 they found their Florida home vandalizedwhat he described as a politically motivated attack “was ripped apart because we were in a Republican party.”

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    Throughout the interview he also revealed that one summer afternoon in 2021 he was violently robbed on Fifth Avenue in New York City where they even took his shoes “before any question (the attackers) were white, but they robbed me, they took my briefcase, they took my shoes and my watch,” he said while recalling that the assault was “in broad daylight . It was 3:00 p.m. I was leaving my office, I went to the garage, taking my car, they robbed me.”

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    Santos indicated that The worst thing about the assault is that “nobody did anything” and made it clear that the fear that exists among the inhabitants of New York is “real” and “It’s surreal what we live here.”

    After the declarations of Santos, In social networks users do not believe anythingall because of the many lies that he has created throughout his life.

    “This boy is entertainment. He not only he is a perfect personification of everything that is wrong with the political system. Too is a living caricature of what modern American society has been transformed.” “This guy makes me laugh. He should go into comedy. Every day is new to expose a set of lies. I feel sorry for his constituents and the people who were tricked into voting for him. There will probably be hundreds of lies to come.” “Nobody did anything for him because the assault never really happened.“, were some comments that the new statement from Santos received.

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    The multiple lies of George Santos has caused a group of colleagues to request his resignationHowever, the representative from New York has said that he will not back down until the voters who believed in him ask him to.

    Source: La Opinion

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