PoliticsGavin Newsom, governor of California, praises Joe Biden's age and supports his...

    Gavin Newsom, governor of California, praises Joe Biden’s age and supports his possible re-election

    In response to the questions about Joe Biden’s advanced age and his desire to be re-electedGavin Newsom, governor of California, not only came to his defense, but also expressed his full support.

    During an interview with the CNN television network, the 55-year-old politician He reiterated his confidence in the performance of the current head of the White House.

    There simply has not been any administration in my life that has been more effective and produced more substantial results. and we haven’t even started the campaign.

    I’m a little old-fashioned. I want a guy who produces results and the results are available, it has been a masterclass.

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    I want an experienced professional who knows how to get things done“, he expressed.

    Because So far no other Democratic candidate seems to overshadow Biden in his attempt to be re-elected. If voters support him, it could be the case that he would govern the nation until he is 86 years old.something that for a sector of citizens is worrying, at least that is what the results of several surveys show.

    Nevertheless, Newsom is confident that his reasoning skills can carry him through a second term.

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    “Three years ago I couldn’t imagine that this president could accomplish so much in such a short period of time; I’m serious. With all due respect, we had a celebrity for four years“, he indicated.

    Asked about the role assumed by Vice President Kamala Harris in the work carried out by Joe Biden, the Californian governor, he mentioned that his achievements are on the table and therefore he considers it appropriate to extend the work of the duo.

    “The Biden-Harris administration: master class in terms of performance, bipartisan agreements on infrastructure, bipartisan agreements on weapons and the debt ceiling,” he emphasized.

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    It is noteworthy that Gavin Newsom reiterated his disinterest in competing as a presidential candidate next year.

    “No, I’m not that guy, I’m just not.”he concluded.

    Until now, Most polls indicate that Joe Biden is losing strength against the majority of Republican candidateslargely because one sector of the population disapproves of their performance, while another is concerned about their physical and mental health.

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