PoliticsGallup Poll: Joe Biden's Job Approval Remains Low Among Americans

    Gallup Poll: Joe Biden’s Job Approval Remains Low Among Americans

    The results of the president’s performance Joe Biden in front of the United States remain in similar ranges of disapproval regarding various issues of interest to the public in the polls conducted by Gallup, including the most recent, where topics such as the economy, environment and energy policy were analyzed.

    Biden’s overall job approval rating has not exceeded 44% since August 2021, during his first year in office.

    President Joe Biden’s latest job approval rating is at 40%, his sixth consecutive reading in the 40% to 42% range.

    Biden is also under the ratings for his handling of four issues: the environment, where 43% of Americans approve and in terms of energy policy, the approval is 38%. The approval ratings were 38% regarding the management of foreign affairs and regarding the economy, approval for the presidential performance fell to 32% in the poll conducted by Gallup between the 1st. and on March 23, 2023.

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    Americans’ ratings of overall job handling on President Biden, foreign affairs and the economy were measured last month and are not significantly different in this last surveywhich was held from March 1 to 23.

    Biden’s overall job approval rating has not exceeded 44% since August 2021, during his first year in office. His qualifications in economics and foreign relations, which are regularly included, were at a majority level only at the beginning of his tenure, stated Megan Brenana research consultant at Gallup, the Washington, DC-based analytics and advisory firm, in her comments on the survey.

    This is the third time Gallup has measured opinions on Biden’s handling of environmental and energy policy.

    The most recent ratings on these two topics are on par with initial readings a year ago. However, both scores are lower than the last time they were measured, in August.

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    During the field period of that poll, the Senate and House passed, and Biden signed, the Reducing Inflation Act that his administration heralded as “the most important climate legislation in United States history.” Since then, Biden’s rating on the environment has dropped seven percentage points, while on energy policy it’s down five points.

    Biden has consistently had overall job approval ratings of 78% or higher among Democrats, including the latest 87%, while among Republicans they have been below 8% since August 2021, including 3% in the current poll. .

    Biden’s assessments of independents have varied the most: 61% approved of Biden at the start of his presidency, with the majority doing so through June 2021. Since September 2021, independents’ ratings have been 40% or lower. , including a current 35% approval rating from independents.

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    Biden continues to face complex challenges at home and abroad.

    Inflation remains stubbornly high, the banking crisis has further complicated the economic climate, and tensions with Russia, China, and now Iran run high.

    The war in Ukraine is also an important issue in terms of US relations with other countries and international organizations.

    He President Biden’s overall approval rating has held steady at the same level since September, and his qualifications in economics and foreign affairs are weak.

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