PoliticsGaetz rejects McCarthy's decision to be speaker of the House of Representatives

    Gaetz rejects McCarthy’s decision to be speaker of the House of Representatives

    Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy officially announced his candidacy for Speaker of the House of Representatives, through a letter he sent to the Republican Party expressing his request for the position. The representative from Florida, Matt Gaetz disagrees. with McCarthy’s decision and ask other Republicans to help oppose it.

    McCarthy has wanted to be the Speaker of the House for a long time, but the Florida Republican is completely against this, since according to some sources has stated that he prefers a MAGA member, whom he considers more trustworthy, to hold that position.

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    For Matt Gaetz, the ideal would be Republican Jim Jordan, representative from Ohio, who has also struggled against McCarthy’s leadership. At a pre-election rally, Donald Trump called Jordan onstage to celebrate her as one of his strongest allies.

    Now Kevin McCarthy has officially launched his candidacy and would be awaiting a response from the Party.

    “Although several disputes are still pending, I can confidently report that we will be joining that list, we will build on our significant gains from the last cycle and achieve our goal of taking back the House,” McCarthy said in the letter he sent.

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    “Now, we will be measured by what we do with our majority. Now the real work begins. That is why I am running to serve as Speaker of the House of the People. and I humbly ask for your support,” he added.

    need to wait What reaction does former President Trump have to the news? revealed by the Republican, since the relationship between them is not good. As well as other Republicans who are also looking to run for that office.

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    Source: La Opinion

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