PoliticsFormer White House aide recalls the "chaos" she experienced alongside Trump

    Former White House aide recalls the “chaos” she experienced alongside Trump

    Alyssa Farah Griffinwho served as the White House director of communications under President Donald Trump, He acknowledged before the House panel on January 6 that his work alongside the former president was “basically an oxymoron.” because his “joker” boss ruined his plans with his impulsive tweets.

    According to a recently released transcript, “Being the director of communications for the White House under Donald Trump, it’s just not something that really existed”. And he recalled that the role was a “great challenge.”

    He also said that it was useless to arrive at work with a plan under his arm if at any point his ex-boss would throw him on the floor “you’d go every day and have the best plans you could, you know, whether it’s policy implementation, whatever. And whatever you tweet, decide to tweet that morning, it would derail everything”.

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    Furthermore, he acknowledged that she was “naive” in thinking that she could professionalize communications and press operations while working alongside the former president.

    “The director is what matters, and he was a complete wild card,” he told the panel, according to the transcript. “You never knew what he was going to do, what he was going to say, and that could throw everything off course.”

    and gave as an example the “chaos” he had to face for a conspiracy case that Trump public. The mogul suggested that MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough murdered his intern, despite a medical examiner determining in 2021 that the man died accidentally after he hit his head after collapsing due to a diagnosed heart condition. .

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    “You could do, you know, the most exceptional policy deployment or surrogate operation, but if he’s talking about god knows here, that’s just going to derail everythingsaid Farrah Griffin.

    Source: La Opinion

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