PoliticsFormer US prosecutor says indictment against Trump 'robust'

    Former US prosecutor says indictment against Trump ‘robust’

    Former United States Attorney General Bill Barr, who led the Justice Department under President Donald Trump, criticized the former president for withholding classified documents upon leaving the White House and called the accusation against him “robust.”

    In an interview with CBS, Barr distanced himself from most of the voices of the Republican Party who consider that the imputation of Trump for the documents found in his Florida mansion is a political persecution to prevent him from running in the 2024 elections. .

    He is a consummate narcissist who constantly engages in reckless behaviors that put his collaborators at risk, to the conservative and republican agenda, and to the country,” declared the former prosecutor, who distanced himself from Trump when he did not admit his electoral defeat in 2021.

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    Barr opined that the judicial accusation against Trump is robust because most of the evidence comes from his own lawyers, and considered that the former president has lied to the Department of Justice during the investigation.

    remembered that The current government was asking Trump for a year to return the classified documents he had taken but refused to do so without presenting “any legal argument”.

    In addition, he called it “absurd” that the former president considers that these documents, among which there are papers related to national security, are personal documentation.

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    Despite everything, the former prosecutor said that having a former president of the United States sentenced to prison is an idea that he would not like to see.

    Donald Trump, favorite to get the Republican nomination in the 2024 presidential elections, was indicted Tuesday for 37 crimesincluding illegal withholding of government secrets, obstruction of justice and conspiracy, in the case of the documents.

    According to the indictment, the ex-president illegally took hundreds of classified documents, including nuclear secrets, which he stored in various parts of his Mar-a-Lago (Florida) mansion in 2021, when he left the Presidency, as a bedroom, a ballroom, a bathroom and a shower.

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    Most Republican leaders, including his primary contenders, have come to Trump’s defense, who has denounced a “witch hunt” against him.

    The Government of President Joe Biden, who is seeking re-election in 2024, has ensured that the Justice Department’s investigation is completely independent.

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