PoliticsFormer Trump adviser criticizes the government after testifying in a Florida court...

    Former Trump adviser criticizes the government after testifying in a Florida court in the classified documents case

    This Wednesday, Donald Trump’s former adviser, Taylor Budowich, appeared in a court in Miami, Florida, to testify before a grand jury investigating the discovery of hundreds of classified documents found in the former president’s mansion.

    Although Budowich said he was in peace for having complied with a requirement of the law, He also criticized the efforts that the government is making, according to him, to “catch” Trump.

    It was through his Twitter account that Budowich spoke about it.

    “Today, in what can be described as a disingenuous and deeply troubling effort to use the power of government to ‘get’ Trumpcomplied with the legal obligation to testify before a federal grand jury and answered all questions honestly,” he wrote.

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    In addition, he criticized the Biden Administration “America has become a sick and broken nation, a decline led by Joe Biden and power-hungry Democrats. I will not be intimidated by this militarization of the government. For me, the need to unite our nation and make America great again has never been clearer than it is today.”

    And he took the opportunity to show his support for the candidate for the White House in 2024 “that begins with the re-election of President Donald J. Trumpa purpose that I will not stop pursuing.”

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    Budowich served as Trump’s spokesman before the tycoon officially launched his candidacy for the presidency 2024after the announcement, Budowich confirmed that he would lead the Trump-aligned super PAC, MAGA Inc.

    A person familiar with the case told NBC News that Budowich testified for about an hour.

    Broadly speaking, the source indicated that responded to ask about an audio where Trump is heard talking about a classified documentas well as an email that has been of interest to researchers.

    AND sidelined Trump’s efforts to nullify the 2020 election.

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    Source: La Opinion

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