PoliticsFormer prosecutor predicts Trump lawyer would be forced to tell all in...

    Former prosecutor predicts Trump lawyer would be forced to tell all in court

    The former federal prosecutor harry litman revealed that Donald Trump’s lawyer, Evan Corcaran, will likely be forced to testify against him before the grand jury when it is his turn to testify under the felony fraud exception that would allow prosecutors to shift claims of attorney-client privilege, which would certainly be a major low blow for the former president.

    It was during an interview with MSNBC that Litman indicated that “we are quite advanced” in the investigation, predicting that the prosecutors’ focus is now in the hands of Corcaran, as well as those of fellow Trump attorney Christina Bobb who signed a document that was drawn up by Corcoran stating that his client turned over all classified materials before the FBI found more classified documents during an August 2022 search of his Mar-a-Lago mansion.

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    He also mentioned that the problem is that “they lie about the subpoena” and that at the end “It’s a total obstruction.”

    “They took Corcoran before a grand jury and they want to know … there is some evidence that is independent of all this that maybe there was fraud in the communications between Trump and Corcoran. They say ‘What did Trump tell you?’ He says ‘well, I refuse to vouch for attorney-client privilege.’ Smith then says ‘fine, see you in court’Litman said.

    The ex-prosecutor’s comment comes after it has been said that the tactics that Smith is using in recent weeks with increasingly aggressive “It’s the kind of aggressive move that contrasts with (Robert) Mueller (it’s something) that Muelles wouldn’t do. He has Trump really in his sights.”

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    Should the judge approve Smith’s attempt to invoke the felony fraud exception, Trump’s lawyers would be forced to provide damning evidence “what we don’t know and it’s pristine and murderous potential evidence ‘what did Trump say before he signed that document saying we had done a diligent search and found everything?’ If the true answer is that he wasn’t involved, that’s proof Smith doesn’t have,” but “if on the other hand, it’s ‘he said just tell him this, I don’t care,’ whether that’s true or not, now you’ve got an excellent proof that it has come out of the mouth of the lawyer in front of you. That specific truth we don’t know one way or another could still be deadly“.

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    Former FBI Deputy Director of Counterintelligence Frank Figliuzzi said during the segment that You think the Justice Department is “insuring” you and that his obstruction case “is strong.”

    “Again, it is rare, requires high levels, and I’m sure if Jack Smith is doing this he has someone talkingmore than what we described about the videotape and the people moving boxes after the subpoena,” Figliuzzi said.

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    Source: La Opinion

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