PoliticsFBI releases secret files on Ivana Trump; she was under investigation...

    FBI releases secret files on Ivana Trump; she was under investigation for her links to Czechoslovakia

    This week the fbi unveiled more than 190 pages of classified documents about the counterintelligence investigation he was under ivana trump for his ties to Czechoslovakia, the country where the mother of the first three children of donald trump.

    According to Bloomberg, the top-secret FBI files reveal how lthat she was Trump’s wife was under investigation in the late 1980s and early 1990s for its links with the then communist country; The documents also cite a number of “highly sensitive and reliable sources” who advise the FBI.

    The aforementioned medium also announced that on March 7, 1989 the New York office opened a “preliminary investigation” against him and indicate that “it is unknown if the accusations stem from jealousy of his wealth and fame. The investigation continues…”

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    According to Bloomberg, who had access to the documents, mentions that in the same files are the circumstances surrounding Trump’s emigration to Australia from Czechoslovakia and his subsequent transfer from Australia to Canada.

    Besides, delves into Ivana’s past, as well as her relationship with Trump until you get to marriage, as well as your divorce. All public records and “all background information” were obtained by FBI agents.

    In a file from 1990 there is talk of a man who is known as “prominent member of the Czechoslovak artistic-intellectual community” who, according to the FBI, is in charge of arranging false marriages and “fortuitous relationships” and who is believed to have had a direct relationship with the deceased.

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    Although up to now The exact reasons why the FBI launched an investigation against Ivana Trump are not known. It is known that her steps were followed closely until 1991 and the office’s counterintelligence was involved in it.

    The documents indicate that the investigation was closed because “there were no pending leads”So now all 190 classified documents have been made public and the FBI expects at least another package of the same to come out next month.

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    Source: La Opinion

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