PoliticsDonald Trump's interview to be broadcast during the Republican debate is allegedly...

    Donald Trump’s interview to be broadcast during the Republican debate is allegedly pre-recorded

    Apparently Donald Trump will not only be the great absentee in the Republican debate, but will also be able to test the power of dissemination of the event organized by the Republican National Committee (RNC), since At the same time, an interview with the former president will be broadcast addressing the issues of his campaign proposals and the legal situationthis without any of his political rivals being able to question it.

    Characteristic of his personality, the 77-year-old Republican once again he will use one of his multiple strategies to gain popularity among the citizens.

    Since Sunday, under the argument that citizens already know it and through the Truth Social platform, confirmed his absence in Milwaukee.

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    “They know who I am, therefore I will not participate in the debates!” Trump wrote.

    Although in fact this had already been coming for weeks, The novelty is that, as a slight, the ex-president plans to give his rivals a low blow given the possibility that he appears comfortably seated offering an interview that would be pre-recorded and ready to be broadcast on a platform.

    In accordance with CNNat least two sources familiar with the subject, pointed out that the dialogue that Donald Trump would establish with the presenter Tucker Carlson, actually, cunningly, was already recorded, which prevents the possibility that, being a live broadcast, a question will leave it in a bad light.

    However, it is mentioned that the former president even in that he measured the land perfectly, because would have chosen Carlson knowing that Fox News kicked him off its network in April.

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    So, Trump intends to crown his master move with the possibility of reaching more than 100 million visits, as has happened with other interviews carried out by Carlson, which also It would be a slap in the face with the television channel in charge of producing and transmitting the debate, because the former president does not like the way in which Fox is in charge of disseminating information about the legal troubles in which he is involved.

    It should be noted that, this week, Donald Trump will have to go to a Georgia court respond to 13 charges that were filed for allegedly having tried to intervene in the presidential elections of said state, in 2020.

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    To theseand three other accusations must be added in different courtsfirst for, allegedly, trying to bribe a porn star with whom he would have had a relationship in New York a long time ago.

    The other two accusations are related to his possible participation in the improper handling of documents that put the security of the nation at risk by removing them from the White House, and for allegedly having incited the attack on the Capitol that occurred in January 2021.

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