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    Donald Trump’s campaign labels Fani Willis a “rabid supporter” for trying to impeach him

    After Fani Willis, Fulton County District Attorney, He laid a new accusation against Donald Trump for allegedly trying to intervene in the results of the elections in Georgia, in 2020, the Republican politician’s campaign called her a “rabid supporter.”

    Through a written statement, without crediting it to anyone specific, the campaign team of the candidate for the Republican candidacy for the electoral elections next year, severely criticized the prosecutor.

    “Rabid supporter who is campaigning and fundraising on a platform to impeach President Trump through these false accusations”he pointed.

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    In addition, The document mentions that the prosecutor is allegedly dedicated to following the guidelines set for her by the White House to obstruct Trump’s aspirations to rule the nation again.

    “Tearing a page out of the Crooked Joe Biden playbook, Willis has strategically stalled his investigation to try to interfere as much as possible with the 2024 presidential race. and damage the dominant Trump campaign. All these corrupt Democratic attempts will fail,” the letter states.

    Finally, The former president’s campaign team made it clear that he will continue his crusade to defend freedom of expression.

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    “These activities by Democratic leaders constitute a serious threat to American democracy and are direct attempts to deprive the American people of their rightful choice to cast their vote for President. Call it election interference or election rigging: it’s a dangerous effort by the ruling class to suppress people’s choice. It is un-American and wrong,” the statement said.

    It is a fact that, despite this action, A trial against Donald Trump is projected to take place in February of the following year, in Georgia, but before that he will have to face another one previously proposed to start on January 2 in Washington, Therefore, his political commitment agenda could be seriously affected at a key point in the Republican primaries to define the character that will appear on the ballot.

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