PoliticsDonald Trump would impose unprecedented restrictions on immigration and the border if...

    Donald Trump would impose unprecedented restrictions on immigration and the border if he is returned to the White House

    In the hypothetical case that Donald Trump continue in the electoral contest and win the presidential elections next year, Among the most outstanding points of his government plan, he highlights that unprecedented restrictions would be imposed on migration that contemplates the extension of floating buoys along the Rio Grande, in addition to completing the border wall started during his administration, as well as the restriction of entry into the country to people considered Marxists or Muslims.

    Another striking aspect of the plan is the designation of Mexican drug cartels as “illegal enemy combatants.”

    According to a report released by Axiosthe former president and current Republican candidate has contemplated increasing the ideological control of immigrants who legally request to enter the United States.

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    Through a post published on platform X, formerly known as Twitter, Stephen Miller, Trump’s former senior adviser in the White House, referred to the points that the New York tycoon would allegedly attack during his first days in government.

    “New report on President Trump’s immigration plans. After apply for the first time in history the asylum ban, the travel ban, the ban on becoming a public charge, the ban on social assistance, the lottery ban, etc.., the nationalist reforms queued up for only the first 100 days of the second term are sublime,” he said.

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    Although US law includes clauses to prevent the entry of communists to its territory, has not been enforced for years. However, Trump intends that this be used to the letter with the aim of rejecting applicants labeled as “Marxists”.

    Another of the social groups that would be threatened with a second Trump term It would be that of the Muslims.

    As president, the Republican prohibited immigration from more than a dozen countries that are mostly Muslim or in Africa, but upon coming to power Joe Biden rescinded said executive order, which would change again under a new term of government Trump, starting in 2025.

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    trump too seeks to end birthright citizenship for the children of undocumented immigrants and require prospective immigrants to show they can afford health insurance.

    Besides, with the aim of stopping drug trafficking that each year claims hundreds of lives and generates thousands of addicts, the 77-year-old Republican would use the Coast Guard as well as the Navy to try to intercept the vessels that use the maritime strip to introduce opioids and fentanyl into the nation.

    In this sense, I would call the drug cartels “illegal enemy combatants”.” this in order to allow the US military to attack them even in Mexico.

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