PoliticsDonald Trump would beat Joe Biden if the election were held today,...

    Donald Trump would beat Joe Biden if the election were held today, survey reveals

    A poll conducted by Harvard-Harris revealed that, if the election were to take place at this time, Donald Trump would beat Joe Biden in a head-to-head matchup by five percentage points.

    The poll shows how the former president continues to dominate the route to the Republican primaries with 52% of voters in favor of his candidacy and his closest rival continues to be Ron DeSantis, only the governor of Florida is 40 points behind with only 12%, while Vivek Ramaswamy appears in third place with 10% support.

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    In this sense, the New York tycoon would defeat the current president of the nation in a direct confrontation by a margin of 45 to 40%, with 16% of undecided voters about whom to support.

    In a hypothetical scenario, the margin of advantage Trump would have over Kamala Harrisvice president of the country, in a direct confrontation on the electoral ballot, it would be 47 to 38%.

    Under this approach, Democrats would cede the White House, as they do not have sufficient voter support.

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    The survey also found that there is enormous discontent with the two politicians who are set to represent their parties in the run-up to the elections and 70% of voters would like another option.

    In fact, 68% of the citizens surveyed acknowledged feeling that Joe Biden is too old to seek re-election.

    And 64% pointed out directly that he should not seek a second term.

    On the other hand, less than three in 10 respondents believe that the country is on the right path under the current administration.

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    And to reinforce the perspective, six in 10 mentioned the economy or inflation as their main problem.

    On the other hand, half of the people consulted consider it feasible for the United States to continue financing Ukraine in its fight to stop the Russian invasion of its territory.

    It should be noted that the survey was carried out on July 19 and 20 and measured the opinion of 2,068 registered voters on the electoral roll.

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