PoliticsDonald Trump reduces the possibility of starting a war with Mexico by...

    Donald Trump reduces the possibility of starting a war with Mexico by fighting drug cartels

    If he wins next year’s presidential elections, Donald Trump would severely combat the drug cartels without declaring war on the Mexican governmentOr, well, the New Yorker claims to be more concerned with addressing other issues that affect the country.

    During an interview with Megyn Kelly on her SiriusXM show, the Republican candidate for the presidential election He stated that his fight would be against the drug lords and not with the Mexican authorities.

    It is a war against the cartels. Mexico is petrified by cartels. Cartels are ruling Mexico. I’m not too worried about that war.

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    “Mexico is sending troops to our country in the form of illegal foreigners who are killing people, in many cases, causing many diseases and many problems,” said the former president who He acknowledged maintaining a good relationship with Andres Lopez Obrador, president of Mexico.

    To some extent, Trump’s position is different from the one he presented at the beginning of the year in a campaign video where he explained his plan to end the cartels.

    “Special forces, cyber warfare and other overt and covert actions to inflict maximum damage on cartel leaders, infrastructure and infrastructure,” part of the message from the 77-year-old Republican stated.

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    Nevertheless, His speech now looks more moderate, as he even clarified that he will no longer talk about specific strategies to protect the southern border, but he is clear not to commit to sending troops to Mexico.

    The truth is, Given the increase in problems generated by the recurrent entry of undocumented people across the border with Mexico, more citizens and politicians are demanding more arduous intervention from the federal government.

    In fact, Republican candidate Ron DeSantis recently declared that, if he became president, he would send army troops Permanently to the border with Mexico, with the order to shoot anyone who crosses through the border wall carrying a backpack.

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