PoliticsDonald Trump raised $35,000,000 for his campaign during the second quarter of...

    Donald Trump raised $35,000,000 for his campaign during the second quarter of the year

    Donald Trump’s popularity is on the rise and although he faces a fairly complex legal process, his followers do not stop supporting him as evidenced by the $35,000,000 dollars that he claims to have raised for his campaign during the second quarter of the year.

    Despite the fact that a trial with 37 federal charges is pending, the New York politician looks quite strong in his race to become the candidate of the Republican party facing the presidential elections next year.

    In fact, a member of his campaign confirmed to the DailyMail that Trump received the money for both his campaign and the Save America political action committee.

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    The amount raised represents almost double the $18.8 million raised during the first quarter.

    Meanwhile, Neither Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida and main party rival in the fight to win the Republican nomination, nor President Joe Biden, have published their collection figures funds for the second quarter.

    This way, Trump continues well above DeSantis, because according to Real Clear Politics polls, the 77-year-old politician averages 30.9% approval rating above his only Republican opponent, whom his own spokesman acknowledges to be well below what he thought he would be during this stage of the year.

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    And it is that, According to Steve Cortes, Trump has never ceased to be the strong card of the conservatives to try to stop Joe Biden from being re-elected.

    An NBC News poll found that as of last April, 70% of registered voters were reluctant to see the president on the ballot again.

    To this must be added some unfortunate comments issued by the nation’s president that have been used by Donald Trump to attack him to the point of calling him an idiot for confusing Ukraine with Iraq, this in reference to his mental health.

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    In this way, based on the behavior shown in the polls, it is likely that, if something extraordinary does not happen in the coming months, Trump and Biden will face each other in the electoral contest.

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