PoliticsDonald Trump attacks the AMLO government during an official campaign event for...

    Donald Trump attacks the AMLO government during an official campaign event for the US presidency.

    In what meant his first official campaign event in the Republican primaries to try to return to the White House in the 2024 presidential elections, Donald Trump boasted of the pressures to which he allegedly subjected the government of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to accept the controversial “Stay in Mexico” programa program created in 2019 that forced migrants and refugees to remain in Mexico while their asylum claims were resolved.

    During his speech in the state of New Hampshire, Trump took the opportunity to lash out at the Mexican government again by pointing out that threatened Mexico with tariffs on all Mexican imports if two conditions were not met: accept the “Stay in Mexico” program and use members of the security forces to stop migrants at the border between the two nations.

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    Donald Trump recalled that when the time came to negotiate with the Mexican government, “a representative from Mexico entered the room, a very nice guy and I like him very much even though he is a socialist“he narrated.

    The former US president said that at that time he requested 20,000 soldiers from Mexico to guard the border, in addition to insisting that the migrants would stay in Mexican territory.

    “We need 20,000 soldiers and we want everyone to stay in Mexico and nobody to come to the United States. And I told him, look, if you don’t approve it, we will impose tariffs on all the vehicles you are selling in our countrysome tariffs of 25%, and we are going to impose tariffs of 25% on all the products that you make in Mexico, “said Donald Trump.

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    In his campaign start where he seeks to be the Republican candidate for the presidency of the United States, Donald Trump did not mention the name of the referred Mexican official, but it is known within the media that Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard is the one who was in charge of those negotiations.

    As narrated by Donald Trump, after listening to their claims, the Mexican representative (presumably Marcelo Ebrard) made a phone call to Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and then announced that the Mexican government would accept the “Stay in Mexico” program and that it would assign members of the Mexican National Guard to reinforce migration efforts.

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    The “Stay in Mexico” program began to be officially applied in January 2019 and, shortly after, Lopez Obrador created the National Guard corps by decree with the aim of combating violence and organized crime, although it has also been used to stop migration from Central America.

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