PoliticsDonald Trump accepts that he would lock up his political opponents upon...

    Donald Trump accepts that he would lock up his political opponents upon his return to the White House

    Donald Trump begins to show signs that his hypothetical return to the White House could mean an era of terror for his opponents Those he recognizes he would try to lock up.

    “I’ll give you an example… The answer is that They have no choice, because they are doing it to us.“He said in an interview with conservative journalist Glenn Beck, who questioned him about the possibility of prosecuting the person who is now on trial.

    Then, The 77-year-old Republican argued that he has never hit the current president the way he is doing to try to remove him from the electoral race. which will take place next year.

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    “He never hit Biden as hard as he could have”he indicated in reference to what could happen for Joe Biden if he manages to defeat him in next year’s presidential elections.

    So far this year, the former president has been accused four times and in at least two their legal processes indicate that the next one will have to go to trial.

    However, at all times, Trump has claimed to be part of a witch hunt derived from the fear that Democrats feel about the possibility of his return to the White House.

    The crimes that the New York politician is accused of stem from allegedly having paid a porn star a large sum of money to not disclose information about a relationship that both had, for engaging in improper handling of classified documents where security could have been compromised. of the nation, for trying to interfere in the results of the presidential elections held in Georgia, 2020; and for inciting to attack the Capitol, 2021.

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    For all this, The former president and his team of lawyers will have to organize their defense possibly in two different courts during the first quarter of the year, a key period to define the official Republican candidate who will appear on next year’s ballot.

    In this sense, The results of most of the polls that measure the intention of the Republican vote place Donald Trump well ahead of the other candidates, with a trend that seems irreversible.

    To this must be added the fact that The New Yorker is placed alongside Joe Biden in the hypothetical case of matching on the ballot, something quite gloomy for the Democrat who, if he lost the elections, would possibly be the subject of a thorough investigation focused on making him feel, the same or more, that his archrival Trump currently suffers.

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