PoliticsDepartment of Justice reveals the secret objections of Donald Trump's legal team

    Department of Justice reveals the secret objections of Donald Trump’s legal team

    The Justice Department (DOJ) revealed this week the Objections made by Donald Trump’s lawyerswhich they would have wanted to keep secret.

    “The Trump team is presenting complaints under secret for some reasonbut the Justice Department is not discussing it under wraps, so we can largely infer why Trump is upset,” New York Times national security reporter Charlie Savage said on Twitter.

    In its filing, the DOJ disclosed that the former president’s legal team had opposed the special master’s request. Raymond Dearie to verify that the search inventory submitted by the federal agency is accurate, which would effectively negate Trump’s dubious claim that the FBI may have “planted” evidence.

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    The DOJ claimed that its inventory of items seized from Mar-a-Lago it is complete and accurate and urged Dearie to require Trump’s lawyers to testify for the record if they agree.

    “Time to shut up or shut up”: the special master said, cornering the tycoon’s lawyers over his claims of “planted” evidence

    Additionally, Trump’s attorneys objected to Dearie’s request that they explain whether claim attorney-client privilege or executive privilege, as Judge Aileen Cannon did not ask for a clear distinction.

    “The Trump team does not want to report something that the Justice Department says is good information. They don’t say what, but the Dearie board had discussed a reporting timeline for any eventual Trump Rule 44 motion for the return of property seized in the search, so that’s probably it,” Charlie Savage explained.

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    Additionally, the Justice Department filing revealed that the former president’s team had trouble finding a vendor to digitize seized documents for special master review.

    It may interest you:
    – Search records at Mar-a-Lago will be secured to protect the ongoing work of the Department of Justice
    – Court of appeals rules in favor of the Department of Justice in the case of Trump and Mar-a-Lago
    – The Department of Justice appealed part of the review of the materials seized from Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago

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    Source: La Opinion

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