PoliticsCongresswoman Delia Ramirez will seek to avoid the deportation of her husband

    Congresswoman Delia Ramirez will seek to avoid the deportation of her husband

    Newly elected Democratic congresswoman from Illinois, Delia Ramirez, 39, has a peculiar immigration historybut now she will face one of her biggest challenges: prevent her husband from being deported.

    Ramirez was in his mother’s womb when she crossed the Rio Bravo or Rio Grande and on January 3 he will be part of the 118th Federal Legislature for District 3, a position for which he fought for various reasons, including the protection of ‘ dreamers’.

    Boris Hernandez is the husband of Ramirez and is an undocumented immigrant who came to the US when he was 14 years old, making him eligible for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), although the possible end of that policy It could leave you in immigration limbo and in the possibility of deportation.

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    Ramirez has said she can protect her husband from deportation. She is a US citizen, but it is not clear how the immigration process is progressing to help her partner obtain the Green Card.

    However, during the campaign and, after having won the election, the future legislator has made it clear that the immigration issue is “something personal” for her.

    “This is very personal to me. It is time, it is time that we fulfill the promise that we have made to our Dreamers ”, she expressed in a conference a few weeks ago. “I am the wife of a DACA recipient. I am the daughter of Guatemalan immigrant workers. I know firsthand the challenges and the constant fear that our families experience every day,” Ramirez told reporters.

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    Then she stated that she would fight to keep her husband in the United States, but recalled that there were two million undocumented immigrants who could benefit from DACA who have no way to stay.

    “What happens to the other two million undocumented immigrants that the DREAM Act would protect? What happens to all those who don’t have a road, who don’t have a husband or wife or citizen partner?” he said.

    Boris Hernandez campaigned for his wife, although he was unable to vote because he is not a US citizen.

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    Last December, dozens of civil organizations and several congressmen expressed the urgency of approving the Dream Act, a reform that would protect some two million undocumented immigrants.

    Further discussions also included increased border protection and a one-year extension of Title 42, a policy that allows for the expedited removal of immigrants.

    Source: La Opinion

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