Politics“Commitment to the US” the Republican plan to combat “mistakes” of...

    “Commitment to the US” the Republican plan to combat “mistakes” of the Biden administration

    “Commitment to the US” the Republican plan to combat “mistakes” of the Biden administration

    Republicans in the US House of Representatives released an agenda intended to address problems caused by the administration of Joe Biden, which affect the population; such as inflation, the border and crime, among others. With this they hope to have an advantage over the Democrats in the midterm elections on November 8.

    The Republicans introduced an agenda called “Engagement with the United States”which shows, according to their vision, the problems that Joe Biden’s mandate has generated, with which they hope to win the majority in the House.

    This plan that lawmakers spent months crafting involves political objectives; like curbing unnecessary spending, supporting US troops, pput parents in charge of their children’s education, protect the unborn and preserving women’s sports for whom the gender assigned at birth was female.

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    Senator Chuck Schumer, reacted via Twitter regarding the Republicans’ agenda and warned that They just want to ban abortion nationwide, cut Medicare and Social Securityin addition to increasing taxes on workers.

    “While Democrats continue to fight to defend a woman’s right to choose: A central feature of MAGA’s Republican agenda is a national abortion ban“, wrote.

    The “Engagement with the United States” agenda also details a increase in police officers to watch the streets. also promises attack fentanyl useand investigate the origins of COVID-19, Big Tech “censorship,” the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, the “politicization” of the Department of Justice Y the border crisis.

    The Executive Director of Climate Power, Lori Lodes, issued a statement in which she showed her annoyance regarding the plan related to climate change.

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    “Today, Republicans MAGA supporters announced their latest plan to deny climate change and further enrich executives of the oil and gas industries. This “plan” is nothing more than a wish list coming straight from the mouths of oil industry CEOs leaving American workers behind by going to gas stations,” Lodes noted in his statement.

    Lori Lodes also commented that clean energy produced in the United States is the only sure way to cut household energy bills and boost paying jobs.

    “This plan once again puts oil and gas profits and wealthy Wall Street shareholders for over working families“, specific.

    Despite the fact that the Republicans have made a list of everything they consider to be wrong and harming the nation, they did not specify how they are going to achieve each of their objectives, if in some surveys that have been carried out with future voters the balance leans towards the Democrats.

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    The survey prepared by the newspaper and Siena College notes that 46% of registered voters plan to support the Democratic Party to Congress in their district, compared to 44% who prefer the Republican Party.

    A Reuters/Ipsos national poll found that 37% of Americans would prefer to vote for a Democratic candidate for Congress, with a 34% who would prefer Republicans

    Although everything can change for next November 8 and if the Republicans obtain a majority in the House, and so on they could block President Joe Biden’s legislative agenda.

    Source: La Opinion

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