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    Cohen Says Trump Is In ‘Panic State’ Over Charges He Faces In Classified Documents Case

    The ex-lawyer of donald trump, Michael Cohenrevealed that Your ex-boss is in a “panic state” after the special prosecutor Jack Smith indicted him on 37 counts ranging from obstruction of justice to very serious violations of the Espionage Act.

    In an interview with MSNBC, Cohen indicated that the reactions that Trump is having through Truth Social are nothing more than symptoms that he is scared.

    At 12 at night, Trump is in a state of absolute panic.”Cohen said, adding “you may have seen it on his Truth Social, all caps again, which connotes in Trump’s speech that he’s angry, but it also connotes that he’s nervous, that he’s in a panic.”

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    According to the former lawyer “(Trump) Start attacking the Biden Administration, start attacking the Department of Justice, he starts attacking the attorney general and why is he doing it? Again, read my book ‘Revenge’, and you will understand why. That is what Donald Trump did during his administration. Trump went ahead, armed the Justice Department using a willing and complicit attorney general.”

    And he closed the conversation assuring that these types of actions are “the typical deviation of Trump”.

    Cohen’s statements come after it was revealed that the lawsuit filed by the former president is scheduled for trial in August 2024, according to an order issued Friday by a federal judge in Florida.

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    The White House hopeful accused Cohen of breaching his fiduciary duty and his lawsuit seeks at least $500 million in damages.

    This lawsuit combines the worst of Mr. Trump’s vindictive impulses. The complaint, frivolous and scattered, is an abusive act of pure retaliation and witness intimidation, albeit clumsy,” Cohen’s representatives said at the time as part of a process to dismiss the lawsuit filed by the former executive.

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