PoliticsClassified documents: Trump lawyer takes precautions and hires his own lawyer

    Classified documents: Trump lawyer takes precautions and hires his own lawyer

    As research on the management of Classified documents found at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lagothe prosecutors intensify and corner the legal representatives of the former president, which is why one of the legal representatives of the tycoon, Evan Corcoran, hired a lawyer to represent himselfReuters reported, citing people familiar with the matter.

    According to the news agency, Corcoran resorted to the services of Michael Levy, a prominent white-collar lawyer in Washington. Sources revealed that Levy was retained by Trump’s representative’s law firm, Silver Thompson Slutkin & White, to represent Corcoran in the investigation.

    This information comes after legal expert Harry Litman revealed that it was highly probable that Donald Trump’s legal representatives find themselves in the position of testifying against their client before the grand jury since the big problem is that they “lie about the subpoena” which in short means “total obstruction.”

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    People familiar with this case have revealed that Corcoran appeared before the grand jury with the investigation of United States special counsel Jack Smith in early January.. The New York Times reported this week that prosecutors are interested in questioning him again, asking a US judge to break professional secrecy between lawyer and client on the grounds that they have uncovered evidence of a crime.

    Corcoran made contact with the National Archivesas well as with the Justice Department last year when the government sought the full return of classified records that arbitrarily left the White House and were taken to Mar-a-Lago. While Trump’s lawyer, Christina Bobb signed a certification that all classified documents had been returned to the FBI.

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    Levy, who is a director of the Washington law firm Ellerman Enzinna Levyrefused to comment on the defense that he will give to the representative of the former president of the United States, but it is known that he knows Corcoran very well.

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    Source: La Opinion

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