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    Chris Christie has already turned the tables on Ron DeSantis in New Hampshire, survey reveals

    According to a new survey conducted by Emerson College, Chris Christie, candidate for the Republican candidacy for next year’s elections, he surpasses his political rival Ron DeSantis in terms of voter preferences in New Hampshire.

    With a 9% endorsement, for the first time, Christie displaces the current governor of Florida from second place in Granite State, Well, the 44-year-old Republican only has 8%.

    It is noteworthy that, in March, DeSantis had 19% support in that state, but his candidacy appears to be unraveling before the announcement that several of his donors stopped supporting him due to the extreme approach projected in his speech.

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    In general terms, the survey shows how Donald Trump still continues to appear at the head of the Republican voters in the entity, with 49% support.

    In the fourth place is Tim Scott, senator from South Carolina, who has 6% of the preferences.

    Likewise, Nikki Haley, former UN ambassador, and Doug Burgum, governor of North Dakota, share fifth place among New Hampshire voters, as both have 4% support.

    They are followed behind by Vivek Ramaswamy, with 3%; and Perry Johnson, with 2%. With only 1% in the survey are Mike Pence and Will Hurd.

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    However, the panorama of the election in the state could change, since at least the 13% of voters acknowledged being undecided about who they will support on the day they cast their ballots.

    Through a message, Spencer Kimball, executive director of Emerson College Polling, referred to the importance of the exercise carried out from August 9 to 11 among 837 registered voters in New Hampshire.

    “DeSantis has been the alternative to Trump in the Emerson polls this presidential cycle. This is the first time we have seen DeSantis drop out of second place in our poll and fall back into the candidate pool,” he stated.

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