PoliticsChina Taunts the U.S. over Demonstrations after Trump condemned Hong Kong

    China Taunts the U.S. over Demonstrations after Trump condemned Hong Kong

    Chinese officials and state-controlled media after being criticized and threatened by Washington over Beijing’s desperate moves to control civil disturbance in Hong Kong, have chided the U.S over race-related demonstrations and looting that have swept through several American cities since Monday.

    Chinese authorities recently moved to enforce sweeping security reforms on the Asian financial hub following months of violent pro-democracy protests in 2019.

    The decision which has displeased foreign governments, prompted the U.S. to threaten retaliation, including Friday’s declaration it would start the process of removing the policy exemptions that makes America think of Hong Kong as distinct from the mainland.

    Bloomberg reports that President Donald Trump, who expressed disgust at the disturbing situation in Hong Kong, has found himself faced with a similar challenge on the streets of the U.S.

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    The U.S. is now battling to control angry unrests over the murder of George Floyd; a black man who died after a white police officer held him to the ground and kneeled on his neck.

    Late on Sunday, the White House hinted Trump was billed to have a meeting with Attorney General William Barr at the White House on Monday, before convening a teleconference with governors, law enforcement and national security officials.

    At the weekend, China’s Foreign Ministry as well as state media took the opportunity to criticize Trump. Chinese propaganda outlets played U.S scenes of violence, burning buildings, harsh police responses and protesters criticizing the government as part of a narrative that western democracies are regularly associated with confusion and unrest that might never occur in the mainland.

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    Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman, Hua Chunying retweeted her U.S counterpart, Morgan Ortagus, had encouraged people to oppose the Communist Party following its handling of Hong Kong and added some of the final words of Floyd before his death.

    Hua also tweeted a link to a video on the U.S. violence. The tweet is a reminder of the double standards over the Hong Kong protesters, who were praised by U.S. lawmakers as China condemned their acts of destruction, arson and throwing deadly weapons at policemen.

    On Chinese Weibo, video clips highlighted Minneapolis policemen shooting paint rounds at residents on their porch for not observing a curfew had a massive viewing in the mainland after being uploaded by major media outlets like the Global Times.

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    It was noted on Monday morning, that one of the top 10 things questions Chinese on Weibo, a Twitter-like service, were asking had to do with U.S. National Guard shooting into residents’ homes was as well as the U.S. protests following Floyd’s murder which generated an overall 1.36 billion views.

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    A CCTV broadcaster in a commentary on Saturday stated U.S. politicians regard unrests in other countries as a beautiful sight, they stir flames everywhere and wish the world would be in confusion. But when the black groups in the U.S are clamoring for human rights, they react harshly.

    In a series of tweets, Hu Xijin, the Global Times editor scorned Trump and other her other top officials who had evidently encouraged the riots in Hong Kong.

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    Sarcastically, he asked Speaker Pelosi and Secretary Pompeo whether Beijing should glorify the violent unrests in the US, like the U.S did when riots were rife in Hong Kong.

    In another sarcastic message on Twitter, he said he suspected that Hong Kong rioters in major U.S cities were responsible for the violation of curfew as well as the attack on police stations, smashing of glass, looting, defacing of public facilities which are all characteristics of their protests.

    Also, Daily Mail reports that Beijing triggered public criticism this May when they unveiled a plan to impose a law on Hong Kong to protect national security and control unrests. China was heavily criticized by pro-democracy advocates around the world who viewed it as another ploy to reduce the city’s right of freedom.

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    Following President Trump’s declaration he would take away Hong Kong’s special privileges, an opinion posted on the Sunday edition of China Daily, asserted that the U.S politicians dream of assaulting China.

    This seeming standoff over Hong Kong has worsened US-Chinese relations, which have already had a number of  problems such as trade as well as the coronavirus outbreak, which Trump has accused Beijing of masterminding.

    At the weekend, Chinese media also shared video footages of the U.S unrests on Weibo, alongside a buzzword which questioned how restrained the Hong Kong police are.

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    One video footage uploaded by the People’s Daily on Sunday made a comparison between the police arrest of CNN correspondent Omar Jimenez, who was doing coverage of the violent unrests in Minneapolis on Friday, with scenes of Hong Kong policemen who seemed unwilling to have a conversation with media personnel in 2019.

    The caption that followed explained that some media personalities were using their official identities as an obstruction to the enforcement of the law.

    Police in Hong Kong were criticized by the U.S for employing excessive force during pro-democracy protests in 2019. They were also accused for using tear gas, water cannons and arresting many protesters.

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