PoliticsBiden's approval improves after new laws for his economic and environmental plan

    Biden’s approval improves after new laws for his economic and environmental plan

    President Joe Biden’s approval rating jumped three percentage pointsafter the approval of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which he signed last Tuesday.

    The recent Politico-Morning Consult poll, published on Wednesday, shows that the president has 42% support, when a poll from the previous week registered 39%.

    The percentage of registered voters who said they disapproved of the president’s job performance dropped from 59 percent to 56 percent, though it still remains high.

    The reform to face inflation is a project on three main fronts: environmental investments, health support and fiscal modifications so that the richest pay the taxes that correspond to them.

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    However, it is not the only legislative success of the Democrats, since Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (New York) and his Democratic colleagues achieved negotiations to pass bipartisan legislation on arms regulation and investments of more than $280,000 million dollars for the production of semiconductors and different areas in science and technology.

    In this context, the recent survey also shows an increase in the number of people who consider that the country is on the right track, going from 25 to 30%.

    In a survey by The Economist-YouGov, the Latino population expresses greater enthusiasm (29%) than the general population (26%) about the path that the country is following.

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    Taking into account various national polls, President Biden’s popularity remains slightly on the rise, going from 38% to 40% in two weeks, according to the RealClear Politics tally.

    Critics of the Inflation Reduction Act have focused on the tax increase, claiming there will be an “army” of 87,000 IRS agents “going after” taxpayers, but the White House says the goal is in who earn more than $400,000 annually.

    “No family earning less than $400,000 per year will see their taxes increase by a single penny,” the Biden Administration said in a statement Thursday.

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    The poll results also show some hope that Democrats maintain control of Congress.

    46% of those surveyed said that if the elections were today they would vote for the Democratic candidate from his district, versus 42% who mentioned Republicans.

    The approval of the aforementioned laws, together with the implementation of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act, could improve the economic situation of the country three months before the midterm elections and offer a respite to the Democrats.

    The foregoing taking into account that the main issues that concern voters are the economic situation, jobs and security in the country.

    Source: La Opinion

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