PoliticsBiden will address the “geopolitical tension” facing the world at the UN

    Biden will address the “geopolitical tension” facing the world at the UN

    In his speech before the United Nations General Assembly, President Joe Biden will address the world’s challenges amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but also how that and other challenges have placed the world in “geopolitical tension.”

    “This is a moment of geopolitical tension,” acknowledged a senior White House official. “Russia’s brutal and illegal war has seriously violated the United Nations Charter. And we have indisputable disagreements with China.”

    These issues will be part of President Biden’s speech to the UN, two senior officials announced during a telephone press conference.

    “The President sees this as an excellent opportunity for him and his leadership to promote American interests and values ​​on a variety of issues,” noted one of the officials focused on diplomacy. “This includes mobilizing resources for sustainable development and infrastructure, galvanizing cooperation on the climate crisis, and strengthening global support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

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    He added that the president will have an approach that highlights the Charter of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    “This is an essential forum to demonstrate the President’s commitment to inclusive and effective international cooperation to solve big problems,” it was added.

    President Biden had not yet finished his speech, according to officials, who were questioned about particular issues the Democrat would address, but the focus is on the global challenge amid tensions.

    “He will lay out the steps he and his administration have taken to work with others to solve the world’s most serious challenge,” it said. “It will outline his vision for how countries working within reformed and modernized national institutions can build on their efforts to end conflict, defend human rights and the rule of law, and help countries develop their economies.”

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    President Biden will meet with UN President Antonio Guterres as well as the leaders of five countries.

    “He will also meet with the presidents of five Central Asian nations, Kazakhstan…Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan,” one of the officials said.

    The central theme will be the rule of law, as well as regional security and commercial connectivity.

    “As the President has noted, the world is at a turning point. “This year’s United Nations General Assembly is an opportunity for us to move forward,” said another official.
    On Tuesday night, President Biden will host a dinner with leaders of several nations.

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    Source: La Opinion

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